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Hitachi Coding & Marking Solutions

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Applications and Industries Applications and Industries

As every industry has unique characteristics we kindly like to offer you our custom made solutions that will help reducing your risk in the process of production. Our goal is to provide solutions for cost effective production, as well as flexibility and robustness in the production process.

Challenges in Marking & Coding: Amongst others, challenges are differing environmental conditions, the variety of products as well as packaging types, speed of production lines and advanced legal regulations

What we offer: Our goal is to provide you with individual solutions for cost effective production, robustness in demanding environments, optimal compliancy with legal requirements, as well as sustainable high quality marking.


The food industry is characterized by a variety of goods in differing size and thermal conditions. Find out more about the challenges, common products and Hitachis´s solutions for a smooth operation.


Hitachi is specialized in the printing on beverages under various conditions. Read more about the industry, challenges and Hitachi`s custom made solutions.

Wires and Cables

High production speed, longlife marking and minimal maintenance - these are some of the requirements in the marking of wires and cables. Find out more about other challenges, common industries and Hitachi´s solutions for you.


Differing external conditions and long lasting printings - Find out about the main challenges, industries and Hitachi`s solutions.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Legal requirements, hygiene, as well as issues of brand awareness are some of the requirements in pharamceuticals and cosmetics. Kindly allow us provide you with information how Hitachi can help you.


High contrast and long readability - these are two of the main challenges in the automotive sector. Find challenges, products as well as Hitachi`s solutions for a efficient integration in the production process in this section.

Secondary Packaging

A main challenge in the marking of Secondary Packages are differing forms and sizes as porous or bulky items - Learn about more challenges, common products and Hitachi´s solutions for an efficient marking process.